- Our mission is to help put people to work and assist employers in their human resources needs -

About JTEC

JTEC is a private non-profit corporation that administers both federal and state workforce development grants. Funding Young adult smilingcomes from the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Transitional Assistance, Commonwealth Corporation and the Massachusetts Department of Career Services. These grants serve Barnstable, Duke’s and Nantucket Counties. The services provided by these grants are accessible to job seekers and employers through Career Opportunities, the Cape’s one-stop career center. JTEC’s employment and training programs serve people who have serious barriers to employment, are low income, and/or have lost their jobs and are receiving Unemployment Insurance.  JTEC is and has been, the lead agency and fiscal manager of Career Opportunities, since its inception in 1999. 

In 1999, under the guidance of the Cape & Islands Workforce Investment Board, JTEC, the Department of Career Services, Department of Unemployment Assistance, Department of Transitional Assistance and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission established a partnership to provide labor exchange and related services to job seekers and employers. This collaboration was named Career Opportunities, which became part of the Commonwealth’s one-stop career center system developed to provide an efficient delivery of services to job seeker and employer customers.

Career Opportunities services to customers are located at 372 North Street, Hyannis, MA and Career Opportunities other functions are located at JTEC’s 88 North Street Office in Hyannis.

In addition to managing Career Opportunities, JTEC is also the fiscal and operational manager of its affiliate, Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands (CACCI). CAACI is located at 372 North Street, which makes it helpful to CACCI customers who need job search services provided by Career Opportunities and Career Opportunities customers who need child care vouchers and access to health care which CACCI provides.  JTEC has successfully managed CACCI both fiscally and operationally since 2012. An affiliation was established in September of 2015.