What's New at JTEC


MARTHA BURZYCKI, former Career Center Manager and Director of Education and Youth Services at JTEC, left the agency this week after 36 years of devoted service to our clients and our mission. She will be missed.


NEILA NEARY, former  Business Services Manager/Market Maker, has been promoted to Career Center Manager. She will oversee both Job Seeker and Business Services. Congratulations Neila!




JTEC Welcomes New Affiliate

Hyannis: Louis Preziosi, President of the Cape Cod Literacy Council (CCLC), has announced that its Board of Directors recently voted to affiliate with the Job Training & Employment Corporation (JTEC).

Mr. Preziosi said the nonprofit agency engaged in discussions with JTEC to affiliate because it is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide their current level of literacy services and expand to meet the increased demand. "The Cape Cod Literacy Council provides an invaluable service to the Cape Cod community and we provide this service free of charge", Preziosi emphasized. "We are a volunteer agency with one staff person, Executive Director, Kathryn Carpenter, who does an outstanding job, and two independent contractors who work with the volunteers and support our IT needs. We have limited financial resources, but we are rich in volunteers and these volunteers change lives every day!"

“We teach the mother who wants to read school notices that are sent home or wants to help her child with homework. We teach the person who is studying to pass the HiSet exam; the foreign national who is learning to read and write English to become a citizen or practice his or her profession on the Cape; the person who is seeking employment or a promotion at work; and retirees yearning to explore the world of books now that they have the time”, Preziosi concluded.

Preziosi stressed that the CCLC depends on a longstanding contract providing some financial support and invaluable in-kind services but also requires fundraising and donations to achieve its goals. With so many deserving nonprofits on the Cape, there is a lot of competition for financial resources. He said JTEC has an incredible reputation for turning things around and has resources about which the CCLC can only dream.

“To stay focused on our mission to assure that every adult on Cape Cod will be literate, the Board decided now is the time to grasp the opportunity to affiliate and become part of the JTEC family.”, he added. He reinforced the fact that JTEC and its affiliates do complement each other. “JTEC operates Career Opportunities, the Cape's One Stop Career Center that helps people find jobs; we teach people to read, and accomplish their educational goals so they can get better jobs and have a better life. Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands, another affiliate, operates an Immigration Resource Center which helps foreign nationals become U.S. citizens; we provide ESOL tutoring. We each do great things; I am confident that together we will achieve many more”.

Lisa Meade, JTEC Chairperson, said "the JTEC Board was delighted to affiliate with the Cape Cod Literacy Council. They have an incredibly important mission in our community and we want to help them to grow their service levels to assist them in meeting the increased demand for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Adult Basic Education".




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